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Language Computer launches OpenCicero API

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OpenCicero API website Launched!

Language Computer today announced the launch of it's new OpenCicero API, an open source framework for creating custom Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies. The framework is meant to provide developers with an easy and intuitive way for integrating existing LCC technologies with their own. "We're excited to be releasing functionality that allows users to create their own NLP based products," said lead developer Kirk Roberts. "There's a limitless amount of natural language data out there and a limitless number of ideas. We want OpenCicero to be the bridge which connects product developers with the deep semantic knowledge set to drive the applications of the future."

Included with this is the release of an open standard which may be used to bring NLP community together by providing a common interface through which new ideas may be developed and disseminated. The new website (, built on the latest Trac technology, is meant to facilitate the creation and expansion of this community by providing a place where mashup ideas and service concepts may be shared. Said site developer Matt Titsworth: "The site is meant to be the sandbox where people can show off the toys they've developed using the API, and build the castles which will represent new combinations of technology that have never been seen before."

About Language Computer Corporation

Language Computer Corporation (LCC) is a privately-owned U.S. company committed to the development of next-generation natural language processing technologies. Over the past 10 years, LCC has remained at the forefront of work in NLP, having created state-of-the-art systems for Named Entity Recognition, Coreference Resolution, Information Extraction, Question Answering, and Multi-document Summarization for English, Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, and Korean-language documents.

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