Language Computer offers a complete line of interoperable natural language processing, semantic search, and knowledge acquisition products. All products available for Windows, Linux, or Macintosh OS.

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Text Annotation


High-performance named entity recognition for English, Arabic, Chinese, and a number of European-language texts.


Accurate pronominal and nominal coreference resolution for English.


Temporal and spatial awareness for absolute or relative mentions of times, dates, and locations.

Content Management


Enterprise-level document and annotation management for terascale environments.

OnDemand NLP

A full-featured Annotation Server for streams of textual data.

Custom Information Extraction


Open-domain, customizable entity, attribute, relationship, and event extraction for English, Chinese, and Arabic.

Question Answering


High-performance question answering for English, Arabic, Chinese, and Korean.

Knowledge Acquisition

Dossier Generation

Turn raw documents into content-filled wikis. LCC's dossier generation software extracts only the most relevant facts about the people, products, or organizations most important to you.