Language Computer Corporation (LCC) is a privately-owned U.S. company committed to the development of next-generation natural language processing technologies. Over the past 10 years, LCC has remained at the forefront of work in NLP, having created state-of-the-art systems for:

for English, Arabic, Chinese, and Korean-language documents.

Our Mission

LCC's primary mission is to develop, market, and support the types of innovative software solutions users need to unlock value from unstructured texts in any language. We're committed to providing our Federal and commercial customers with an unbeatable combination of technological sophistication, rock-solid engineering, and cutting-edge solutions that are not available anywhere else in the current market.

Our Vision

At Language Computer, we believe that today's NLP technologies have the potential to change how people interact with information. We believe that the time is right to introduce users to a new generation of intelligent search technologies which can understand the information stored in a large collection of documents, such as Wikipedia or the Open Web.

Our Customers

Language Computer serves three key constituencies: operational customers within Government and Defense organizations, affiliated technology integrators, and commercial application developers. We believe our deep understanding of our customers’ information needs – coupled with our unmatched technology profile – has positioned us to become a leading purveyor of language-based information exploitation systems for years to come.